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Hello Classmates & Alumni!

We would love to see everyone attend our 60th Birthday Celebration! Although, we understand if you cannot attend.

Please send in your payment(s) as soon as you know for sure you will be attending.

It's very important in planning and working with the Carson Center with menu selections and a head-count.

The cost is $125.00 per person, RESERVATION DEADLINE: APRIL 8, 2017


Thank you!

Who's Coming?

Phoebe Macon
Wayne Ware
Natanya Nelson-Blakely
Kevin Hall
Jerlilia L. Ryan
Oceal Green-Victory
Steven Windom c/o '76 (Guest)
Kenneth Bowman
(Guest of Kenneth Bowman)
Sidney Spear
Robert "Bobby" Seals
Cubby Munerlyn
Carter Spruill
(Guest of Carter Spruill)
Ralph Houston
Antionette Payton-Williams
Twyla Hibbler-Horsley
Yvonne Deshone-Caldway
Selma Walker-Ross
Carolyn Pierson
Renee Hollins
Samuel "Sammy" Matthews
Anthony "Tony" Benford Sr.
Deborah Gayles c/o '76 (Guest)
Airebell Washington-Odom
Michael Odom c/o '74: (Guest of Airebell Washington-Odom)
J.B. Oliver
Helen Oliver: (Guest of J.B. Oliver)
Cynthia Fountain
(Guest of Cynthia Fountain)
Delbert "Bay" Gordon
Janet Williams
Chinnel Perry
Enis Gilbeau
Lozando Washington
Willie Nelson
Richard Hill
Myra Reed
Bayette Davis-Diassy
Sandy Sirls-Stanley
Joyce Madry-Johnson
(Guest of Joyce Madry-Johnson)
Annie Caldwell
Deborah Robinson c/o '70 (Guest of Annie Caldwell)
Dion Teague
(Guest of Dion Teague)
Cornell Teague
(Guest of Cornell Teague)
Wade "Ray" Bonam
Shirley Hillman-Bonam
Clence Berry
Clarence Terrell
(Guest of Clarence Terrell)
Jacqueline McCaster
Eugenia Fisher-Jones
Vernetta Long-Randle
Pamela Grim
Omar Bradley c/o '76 (Guest)
Hilliard Hughes
Debbra Robinson-Bush c/o '74 (Guest of Annie Caldwell)
Denorris Thomas
Charlene Williams
Connie Slaughter

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