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The Class of 1975 came from various Junior High Schools (Willowbrook, Vanguard, Bunche, Davis, Enterprise, Roosevelt, Walton, Whaley and Markham).

We are a Class that despite living among poverty, gang violence and drug abuse are resilient. We have weathered all the challenges and storms put before us and we are still going strong. Some of us did not make it; but for those of us who did we are proud to be called APACHES. At times we were serious; but overall we enjoyed our time at the "TEN" and had loads of fun with our friends and fellow classmates. We have perservered and our Class shows what you can achieve and accomplish by pursuing your dreams.

We want to be an inspiration to future classes coming out of Centennial High School. We hope that everyone will enjoy this website for many years to come!!

-- Phoebe Macon






































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